2020 Honoree Profile: Angelique Power

First Defense Legal Aid celebrates the electrifying leadership of Angelique Power!

“It is with great pleasure that I congratulate Angelique Power on receiving this well deserved honor for her continued dedication to the Field Foundation’s legacy of philanthropic investment in addressing social justice issues, such as community violence and police accountability.  Great work Angelique.”

– Ms Aurie Pennick, long time FDLA supporter, Native Chicagoan, police board alum & former head of the Field Foundation

Ms. Power became president at the Field Foundation and lead a strategic planning initiative just a few years ago. The group then launched a new Justice grantmaking program and insisted that Chicagoans hurt by the system have leadership in projects seeking funding. This approach stands out given that traditionally, the vast majority of grant monies available for “justice reform” go to prosecutors and police. From her coworkers on the Justice program:

“Thoughtful, honest, direct and courageous—an unstoppable force for justice, equity, and truth. That is Angelique.”

– Mark Murray, Vice President, Programs and Operation

“Angelique is a justice-driven and visionary leader. She believes in the power of people and community and not only pushes the team and philanthropy to reimagine a just society but rebuild a just society.”

—Angelica Chavez, Program Officer

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with and getting to know Angelique over the last few years. She is an extraordinary person and leader who brings to every encounter unflinching integrity, radical empathy, and a sincere respect for all those with whom she interacts. Angelique is deeply committed to our collective work of reimaging and building just and free futures, while also attending to the needs of our communities at this current moment. Born and raised in Chicago, she is the best of what the city has produced. The Field Foundation, the City of Chicago, activist communities, and all those with freedom dreams are lucky to have Angelique as a partner and a leader. Congratulations Angelique!”

– Dr. Cathy Cohen, 2015 First Defender Award Winner, Field Board member, and BYP100 Elder

Thank you, Ms. Power. We see your courageous leadership and its ripple effects for heightened accountability of Chicago philanthropy to those who know the problems and solutions best, the people!

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