2020 Honoree Profile: Jane Kimondo for the Crossroads Fund

Celebrate the inclusive leadership of Jane Kimondo for the Crossroads Fund at FDLA’s Silver Anniversary

2020 First Defender Award Winner Jane Kimondo for the Crossroads Fund
has been an incredibly accessible partner for FDLA personally as we’ve focused on building and engaging the leadership of people most impacted by street violence and police abuse. They’ve facilitated several of our members’ first experience being at the table with a foundation, designing, writing, submitting and winning grants and or volunteering in the selection of successful proposals.

Crossroads shakes up the power dynamic and Jane has lead this culture offering everyone a cup of tea, a smile, and a share in the design and ownership of the table, more so than a seat at it.

“Jane is an absolute trailblazer! With the help of Jane’s leadership and vision, Crossroads has been at the center of creating philanthropy that puts action and life behind words such as racial inequity, social and economic justice. During the years I have been lucky enough to know and work with Jane she has been nothing but Compassionate, Creative and Courageous. Liberation is at her core. We as a community owe a great debt to the village that helped raise her.” – Emmauel Andre TLC The Law Center, Circles & Cyphers

“Congratulations Jane Kimondo on this much-deserved award. In the tradition and spirit of Wangari Maathai, you connect the local to the global, the particular to the general and work to understand the roots and reasons for injustice as the first step in creating a more just world that is so much nearer for all you do. Thank you for your, tireless contributions to Harambee.”  – Fannie Theresa Rushing for the Chicago SNCC History Project

“Jane is an amazing leader, comrade, and friend. She is committed to community and to creating a learning and caring environment for all around her. She is thoughtful, determined, creative, and fun to work with every day…just what we need during these challenging times. Congratulations to Jane and all the First Defender Award recipients for their work on police accountability and so much more to build just communities!”
– Jeane Kracher, activist and immediate past ED at the Crossroads Fund

“Jane Kimondo represents and reflects the best of the Crossroads Fund, which for almost 40 years has been guided by and responsive to movements for racial, economic, and social justice. Jane is smart, funny, hardworking, and real–in short, a terrific partner.” 
– Alice Cottingham, consultant 

“Jane is one of the warmest friendliest most welcoming people I know. Jane welcomes in new organizations doing incredible work and helps them get money, and really believe they can do they work and not compromise their values and get to sustainability.”  -Amika Tendaji, STOP Southside Together Organizing for Power, Ujiima Medics, and Black Lives Matter Chicago

“I’d like to congratulate Jane Kimondo of The Crossroads Fund for receiving this 2020 First Defender Award. For many of us in the struggle for peace and justice in Chicago, Jane has been an advocate, mentor and supporter. Jane’s leadership in our philanthropic community has helped support grassroot movements for social change. Jane’s example, leadership and brilliance has helped inspire activists working towards freedom, equality and racial justice. We celebrate your achievement of this recognition. We are so proud of you Jane!” -Henry Cervantes, Board Co-Chair of The Crossroads Fund, Program Manager of The Peace Exchange.
THANK YOU Jane and Crossroads!