FDLA Presents CrImmigration Law: What First Defenders Need to Know

Join us Friday February 17th at Elastic Arts in Logan Square as our expert panel discusses CrImmigration Law: What’s at Stake when immigrants of color don’t know or access their rights when in contact with the Chicago Police? What do First Defenders need to know and how do we watchdog the promises of a sanctuary city?  4-6 p.m. reception to follow!

Come learn how 1-800-LAW-REP4 connects with so many of our top priorities nationwide: the criminalization of immigrant status, poverty, homelessness, melanin (people of color) and more. Bring colleagues and friends & share this event!

CLE Credits Pending. Unfortunately, his location is not wheelchair accessible, and is atop one flight of 20 steps.

Panel includes:

Rosi Carrasco: Organized Communities Against Deportation

Nancy Asirifi-Otchere: United African Organization

Rev. Slim Coleman: Casa Sin Fronteras

Jesus “Chuy” Garcia: Cook County Commissioner

Claudia Valenzuela: National Immigrant Justice Center

Chris Bergin: Shiller Preyar Law

Kalman Resnick: Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym

Kwame Gyimah: FDLA volunteer

Richard Kling: Kent Law School

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