Incommunicado detentions and interrogations

by Mark Clements Chicago Police Torture Justice Center Policy Organizer and Torture Survivor

The criminal justice system acknowledges flaws that exist through policing all across the country. However they have failed to set up meaningful safeguards to protect the accused.

Incommunicado detentions and Interrogations lead to many black and brown people becoming product of wrongful conviction. Police are train to cause the accused to break their silence and to incriminate themselves. Often its a police illegal practices that cauae them to deprive youth from access to a telephone in which they use this psychological trick to attempt to imploy coercive technics not limited to acts of torture. 

The accused upon arrival at any police station should be provided access to a telephone to contact family and lawyer. It was the practice of the Chicago Police Department – CPD, to arrest people and to detain them inside police stations for days and in some cases much as a week. Police were able to imploy this practice when arresting most that were victims of disgraced police commander Jon Burge. It provided Burge and his subordinates time to commit acts of torture and to safety transport suspects from police stations to cover up the torture.

Had suspects under Burge and other torturous cops from 1972 until the early 2000’s been provided with timely access to phones and access to lawyers, many tortures would not have occurred.

The Chicago Torture Justice Center -CTJC support the ending of Incommunicado detentions and Interrogations by CPD and all similar law enforcement across the State of Illinois. We are in a city that shells out more than 150 million dollars yearly to settle criminal behavior by police officers against citizens. One that has protected corruption and abusive behavior by police pursuant to qualified immunity.

The accused should be afforded with meaningful and reasonable safeguards to protect them from police misconduct. Police misconduct in Chicago has been viewed as systematic. The accused must be provided with access to telephones and to lawyers, and CPD should not be allowed interference of the accused constitutional safeguards and safeguards to protect the accused.

Let us know you’re coming out to picket/which stations THURSDAY 10.1.2020 to End Incommunicado Detention in Chicago by filling out the form at THIS LINK.