Jorge Roque to be honored with one of FDLA’s 20 for 20 awards

JORGEROQUEJorge Roque has lead programs for youth in the Little Village community for more than 2 decades as a gang outreach worker, violence interrupter, and youth mentor.

Mr. Roque currently works with gang-involved youth at the New Life Center, providing mentoring, gang intervention counseling, substance abuse classes, art therapy, job readiness training, tutoring, GED classes, court advocacy, social activities, family support, and more to help them successfully complete juvenile probation and avoid further contact with the juvenile and criminal systems. He has also served with the YMCA’s Street Violence Intervention Program, University of Chicago’s Gang Violence Reduction Project, and the Chicago Board of Education’s Violence Intervention Program.

Roque has long called on the assistance of 1-800-LAW-REP-4, knowing that if the youth with whom he works access fair treatment, the cycle of violence can be broken.

A word from FDLA 20 for 20 Honoree Jorge Roque: “I always say, we need to get better at listening first instead of speaking when working with youth. I have carried FDLA cards with me since the 1990’s, especially when doing outreach. It is a very important resource for youth development and violence intervention.”

Join FDLA May 15th, 2015, 5-8pm at Mayer Brown LLP for “Answering the Call: A Special Event Celebrating 20 Years of 1(800)LAW-REP4″ to celebrate with the 20 for 20 Honorees!

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