Open Letter to End Incommunicado Detention

November 5, 2020  

Open Letter To the Honorable Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot,   

We, the undersigned Chicago public safety, community justice, civil and human rights stakeholders, write to implore you to end incommunicado detention in Chicago in 2020 by announcing yourself “in favor” of ordinance O2019-3873, which guarantees arrestees may access counsel generally within an hour of arrest as is required in Illinois but ignored in your Chicago. 

Many of us served on committees for your 2016 Police Accountability Task Force (PATF) that did the research, cost analysis, and blueprints to support the PATF’s recommendation that this very policy be enacted to end incommunicado detention. We, yourself included, were of one mind, that it is a make-or-break for police-community relations that police enforce the law on the right to an attorney and phone calls. 

Almost 5 years later, incommunicado detention continues, but now directly under your watch.

We, 210,770 people and counting, and you cannot ignore the over 98% of people in Chicago Police Department control who never get access to legal representation. That’s at least 100 Chicagoans at this very moment. Take a stand with us, not against us, to ensure that your arrestees are given the dignity of a real chance to exercise their rights to and through an attorney and not to disappear from their loved ones at the hands of your police force. 

Please lead (the updated) GO2019-3873 across the finish line in 2020. 

We have 2 months to get it done and leave incommunicado detention behind us for a more just and humane 2021.

The ordinance is amended to address the only lingering concerns of your staff, including CPD, that: 1)it may not be possible for an officer to offer their arrestee the phone “within an hour” in every case; 2)it may not be necessary since state law requires it “generally” within an hour, leaving some grey area; and 3)those two things mean O2019-3873 could invite a new way for the City of Chicago to be sued for police misconduct. Please note, the latest version of the ordinance solves all of this with a new provision by which any officer will include in their arrest report, in the instance they can’t provide the phone within an hour, why that was reasonable. 

Further, the real legal, ethical, humanitarian, moral, social, and financial liability on your hands comes from not addressing this swiftly. Mayor Lightfoot, that is why we insist your position on this be refreshed and announced as “in favor” without delay.


46th Ward Neighbors Against Police Violence

A Knock At Midnight

A. M.

Abeedah Hassan

ACLU of Illinois

Adalah Justice Project

Afro American Police Officers League


Aina Cambridge

Alan D. Goldberg

Alec Roseen

Alejandro Soberanis

Aleksa Sorgatz

Alenka Figa

Alex Newman

Alex Tillett-Saks

Alexandra Sossa 

Alexandria Santistevan

Alexis Moreno

Alexis Muñoz

Alexis O’Connor

Ali Abid

Ali Schreibman

Alisa Kondratyev 

Alison Chesley

Alison Murphy

Alma Rios

Almanza Family

Alonso Cisneros

Amara Alexander 

Amelia Harding

Amy Burns and family 

Amy Clark

Ana Rowley 

Andersonville/Edgewater Indivisible IL9 

Andrea Guzman

Andrei Heward-Mills

Andres rios

Andrew Rohm

Andy Sorgatz

Angela Cuadros

Anna Kelma

Anna Rodimtseva 

Annikka Bouwsma

Anthony Carter

Anthony Lowery

Antonette Narvasa

Antonio Campagna

Asa Gelber

Asha Edwards

Ashley Rodriguez

Attorney Standish E. Willis (Ret.) & Vickie Casanova-Willis PhD US Human Rights Network

Aubrey Hopper

Audrey Hills

Audrey Sides

Ava Delariman

Ava Gates

Ava Thompson 

Avery Danao

Aviva Futorian

Azadi Mathew-Lewis and family 

Bailey Nicholoff

Barbara Havens

Barnes-Brown Family

Beatrice Hawkins

Ben Weis, MPH, MSW

Benjamin D. Meyer

Benjamin Jacobs

Benjamin Kailin, Esq. 

Bergin & Associates

Bernardine Dohrn

Bessie Tsitsopoulos

BLMChi Black Lives Matter Chicago

Bobby Vanecko

Brandon gutierre

Brendan Hudson

Brenna Paul

Bridget Wyman

Britt Myers

Britt Myers

Brittany Boma 

Bruce Eli Mosbacher

BUILD Inc. Intervention Team

BYP100 Black Youth Project Chicago Chapter

Cabrini Green Legal Aid

Caitlin Orwig

Cameron Kuberski

Camila Avalos

Camille Odeh

Candide Jones 

Canon Law Group, P.C.

Carla Johnson

Carlina Green

Carlos Claros

Carole Butler

Carolina Robledo

Carolina Rojas

Caroline Hohner

Caroline Lee Liu

Carolyn Aberman

Carter napoli

Cassandra Feuerstein

Cassidy Johnson

Catherine Christeller

Catherine McMillan

Center for Conflict Resolution

Chad Mair

Chad Volkers

Chanel Anderson

Charisma Thapa

Charleen Necor

Charles and Anne Wilson

Charles Jones 

Charles Peterson

Charlie Ranquist

Chase Farnitano

Cheryl Cobbold

Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR)

Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Chicago Community Bond Fund

Chicago Police Accountability Collaborative

Chicago Torture Justice Center

Chicago Torture Justice Memorials

Chicago Urban League

Chicago Westside Branch of the NAACP

Chicago Women’s AIDS Project

Chipo Nyambuya

Chloe DeForest

Chloe Demeritt

Choya Webb

Chris Greeb

Chris Lynch

Christian Williams 

Christina Rivers

Circles & Cyphers

Citlaly Marrufo

Claire Baffoe

Claire Chesne 

Claire Stevens

Clinee Hedspeth

Colleen O’Brien

Community Justice for Youth Institute

Community Justice Network for Youth

Community Renewal Society

Conah Targett-Jones 

Cops Out of Whitney Young MHS

Corinne Hastings

Courtney Klepp

Courtney Smith

Cristal Bedolla

Cristina Schlesier

Crystal Rodriguez

Cynthia Martinez 

Dana Blanchard

Dana N. Scott, Esq.

Daniel Alejandro Lastres

Daniel Massoglia

Dare Wedgeworth

Darien R Wendell

Darius Parker of Kuumba Lynx

Darrius Williams-Lee

David Alvarez

David S. Lipschultz

David Zhou 

Day Guaimura 

Dayo Doherty

DeAngelo family 

Deanna Satin 


Deborah Holton

Deborah Nall

Debra L Hammond

Defund the Police

Dena Cher-Fils

Diane Geraghty

Diane O’Connell

Dima Khalidi

Disability Voters

Dominic Surya

Donald Goldhamer

Donna Makowski

Dr. Gabriele Strohschen

Dr. Howard Ehrman

Dr. Kristy Rawson

Dr. Sharon Varallo

E. Cleveland Boyd (ret. Law Enforcement)

Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change (ECCSC)

Eden Berke 

Edward Thompson

Eisenberg family

Eleanor Massengill 

Elena Andrews

Elena Nevins

Eleonora Benedetti 

Elisabeth Jardine

Eliza Solowiej and Family

Elizabeth C. Simon

Elizabeth Clarke

Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Elizabeth Kujawa

Elizabeth Schroeder 

Ella Wieshuber

Emilie Reina

Emily Hellendoorn

Emily Kim

Emily Robinson

Emily Saul

Emma Horvath

Emma Knight

Eng family 

Equity And Transformation 

Eric Brandt

Erin Glasco

Erin Glasco

Ester Alegria 

Ethan Saltzberg

Eve Skosey-LaLonde

Evelyn Ellerbrock 

Evelyn Thom

The F.L.Y. Organization

Fariah Majid

Farmworker and Landscaper Advocacy Project FLAP 

Felicia Griffin

Feltus family 

Fernando Moreno

First Defense Legal Aid FDLA

Fr Larry Dowling, St. Agatha Catholic Church 

Frances Pawelczyk 

Frank and Janet Avellone

Frederick Wells

Frehiwet Gebreselassie

Gabriela Perez

Gabrielle Cutler

Gian Pinto

Gianna Pena 

Giovanni Torres

Glenda Campoverde

Glenn Solowiej


Gordon M Quinn

Grace Miller

Grassroots Collaborative

Gregary Brown

Guin MacLowry

Hadil B

Hailey Jones

Hanna Kaufman

Hannah Dembosky

Hannah Kaplan 

Heidi Wier

Helen Shiller 

Henry Kuzma

Hope Barnes

ICAH, The Illinois Caucus of Adolescent Health 

Ileanne Cecilio

Illinois Collaboration on Youth

Illinois Juvenile Justice Project 

Illinois Legal Aid Online





Isabel Harvey

Isabella Unzueta

Ishan Daya

J.B. Wagner Law

Jack Spicer

Jacki Black

Jaiden Leonard-Stafford

Jailyn Mendez

James Bell

James Highsmith 

James Pfluecke

Janet Geovanis

Jaquanda Villegas 

Jasmin de Leon

Jasmine Carter

Jasper Montgomery

Jean Maclean Snyder

Jeffrey Ammons

Jenelle Birchlove

Jenifer Mondragon-Velez

Jennifer Alexander 

Jennifer DiFederico

Jenny Halpern 

Jerry Boyle

Jessica Gingold

Jessica Lewis

Jessica Wang

Jin Park

Joan Matthews, M.D.

Joey Cavise


Jose A. Rico 

Joseph Anthony Sussman

Joseph Mapp

Josh Breer


Jude Abijah

Jude Carpio

Julia Miller

Julia Swartz

Julia Torres

Julie Sieracki

Juliet Dervin

Justice League NYC & CA

Justin Chen

Justin Olechiw

Justine Heredia

Juvenile Justice Initiative

Kaitlin Tansey

Kaitlyn Grissom

Kalea Ponce

Kali Skatchke

Kalina Pierga

Karla Biery

Karlia Brown

Karma Plomin & Family 

Kate Miller

Kate Walz 

Kateryna Samoteskul 

Katherine Dattner

Kathleen J. Cummings

Katy Cassata

Kayla Chandler

Kayla Mendez

Keith Lewis

Kelsey Morse-Brown

Kendra Scheuerlein 

Kenwood Oakland Community Organization KOCO

Kevin Liddle

Kevin O’Donnell

Kevin Waklatsi 

Kiah Sandler

Kieran Wiberg

Kimberly Vu-Smith

Kt Shivak

Lance Pittman

Laszlo Jentes

Latino Union of Chicago

Laura Colaneri

Laura VanderMeulen

Lauren Birchlove

Lauren Dixon

Lauren Groebe

Law Office of Jeffrey A. Leichenger

Law Office of Philip J DeVon

Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender

Law Offices of Scott T. Kamin

Lawrence R. Yates II, Esq.

Lea Stevenson


Leah Zuschlag

Lee Simmons

Leila Walker

Lemmy Lempert

Lena Yao

Leslie Wallin

Liane Jackson

Lily Beckert

Linda A Wilis

Linda Eastwood

Lindon hoskins

Lindsay Eanet

Livia Karlstrom

Livia Sanders

Liz Sheridab

Lizette Alvarez

Lizzeth Cisneros 

Lizzie LaChapelle

Lizzie O’Brien

Loevy & Loevy

Logan McCollum

Logan Roeder

Lois Snavely

Lori Ashikawa

Louisa Pavlik 

Louise Carhart

Loyola Chicago Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

Lucia Lopez

Lucía Sol de León 

Luciana Costanzo 

Lucien Meunier

Luis E Klein

Luke White

LULAC Council #5310: Green Card Veterans

Lydia Quinnan

Lydia Taylor

Lyla Wasz-Piper

Lyric Gonzalez

Maddison Brindle


Madeline Kelly

Madeline Mangiaracina

Magnifying All Problems

Mai Family

Marc Beem

Marco Salzetta

Maria Gardner

Maria McGowan 

Mariah Copeland


Mariana Karampelas

Mark Mitchell

Mark Parts

Mars Evans

Mary Ann Massoglia

Mary Chase Flynn

Maryarita Kobotis


Maryse Richards

Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle

Matthew Piers

Maureen Graves & family

Maya Chan

Maya Khurana 

Maya Pietrzkiewicz 

Mayra Gonzalez

Mckenna Daut

Meera Sakthivel

Meg Helder

Megan Chaperon 

Megan Hodgkins

Mel Ruder

Melanie Sadur 

Melinda Jones Moore

Metropolitan Tenants Organization MTO

Michael Berube

Michael Golen

Michael P. Massoglia

Michael Reyes

Michael Stablein, Jr. 

Michael Wang

Michelle Brunk

Midwest Coalition to Stop the Violence

Mikael Watkins

Miranda Newman

Miranda Zanca + household

Mitzi Milojkovic 


Monica Ryan

Moniqucoe Landsberger


Mother’s Against Wrongful Convictions

Myeka Harkness

Myra Glassman

Nadia Maragha

Nakia Burress

Naomi Borowsky 

Natalie Nespoli Moreira

Natasha O’Brien 


Nathan Hittesdorf 

Ned Wojcik

Nehemiah Trinity Rising

Neiyah Villegas-Saulter 

Neomi Rao

Niavh Tomich

Nick Escamilla 

Nico Wade 

Nicole Coveyou

Nicole Gaieck

Nicole Jimenez 

Nicole Skakun

Nina Corwin, MA, LCSW

Nina Escobar & family

Nina Martyn 

Noni Gilkey

Nora Hill

Nora Klein

Nora Lannert

Northside Transformational Law Center TLC

Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Community Justice & Civil Rights Clinic 

Olivia Behr

Olivia Sotos

Omar Sanchez

Pallas Gutierrez


Patricia R McMillen, Esq.

Patrick Gilsenan 

People’s Law Office PLO

Phoenix Forbes

Prethvi Kashinkunti 

Prof. Leonard L. Cavise, Prof of Law (Emer.), DePaul College of Law

Professor Emeritus, UIC-John Marshall Law School

Project H.O.O.D.

Quinn Anderson

Quinn Z

Rabbi Suzanne Griffel 


Rachel Brady

Rachel E

Rachel Eun

Rachel Goldense

Rachel Rubin

Rafael Konigsberg 

Randolph Stone

Randy Shields

Rebecca Daniels

Reese Salgado

Reichek/Ernst Family

Rich Sieracki

Robert H. Anderson

Robert Mayfield

Robert McDonald 

Robert Schoen

Rosi Carrasco

Ruby Brent 

S. Adria Peery

Sadie McMahon

Sahara Santschi

Sajel Peters

Salvador Babinet

Sam Grossman

Sam Williams

Samayoa Family

Samuel Dixon

Sara Decker

Sara Dykstra

Sara Kraemer 

Sara Pitcher 

Sarah Aagard

Sarah David

Sarah Daya

Sarah Jones

Sarah Ross

Saraí Mariscal 

Sasha Solov

Savannah Bowman

Sean O’Keefe

Sean P. MacCarthy

Serena Shah

Seth Torres

Shannon Walsh

Sharada K. Chidambaram

Sharon Hunter-Smith

Sharon Welch

Shavon M. Wesley, Esq.

Sheila Bedi

Shelley Williams 

Shiller Preyar Jarard & Samuels

Shilo Whetstone

Shilpa Iyer

Sison Family

Slone amd Claypool Family

Social Change Chicago


Sofia Cabrera

Sofia J. Aguilar 

Sofia Mods

Sofia Rodriguez

Sofia Serrano

Solveig Preus 

Sona Smith 

Sophia Botello

Sophia Gibson

Sophia Kortchmar

Sophia Lau

Sophie Baker

Sophie Lauver

sophie lipman

Soria Family

Southside Together Organizing for Power (STOP)

Spencer Simon

Sruthi Namburi

Stella Roney

Stephanie Ciupka

Stephanie Weaver

Steven Perkins 

Steven Saltzman


Stu Weg Law Offices

Susan Mullan 

Suzan J. Pinsof

Suzanne Brown

Sydney Hastings-Smith

Tali Vittum

Tamara Kissoon

Tara Goodarzi

Target Area Development Corporation

Teamwork Englewood

Ted Pearson

Temikorede Bennett

Tessa Versace

The Bail Project

The Gathering for Justice

The Hannigan-Hemeryck Family

The Law Office of Phillip J. Sprouse

The Mosley Family

The Southwest Collective 

Thomas Edwards

Tiffany Jones

Timothy Barnett

Timothy Garrison

Todd Belcore

Tony Hintze

Tori Larsen

Tracie Thompson 

Trayvon Gray

Trinity United Church of Christ

Troy Harden

Tynetta Hill-Muhammad

Tyree Petty-Williams

Tyrone Muhammad 


University Church

Uptown People’s Law Center

Vatsala Kumar

Veena Villivalam

Veronica Cordova

Veronica Timble

Violet Barton

Violet Ffrench 

W. Haywood Burns Institute

Women’s Criminal Defense Bar Association WCDBA

Westside Justice Center

William Chiaro

Women’s All Points Bulletin WAPB 

Woodlawn Restorative Justice Hub

Wynn Jacobson-Galan

Xavier McElrath-bey

Yulee Kim

Zareen Kamal

Zoraima Yoli Cruz