Tramaine Lewis–Jones

Street Law Corps Team Leader
Tramaine Lewis–Jones

Tramaine Lewis-Jones is Street Law Corps Program Coordinator for FDLA. She is 2-time AmeriCorps Alumna having served in the program’s inaugural year then completing a second year as Team Leader. She is also a veteran of the United States Army Reserves. Tramaine is a dedicated mother of four beautiful children (Anaiyah, Carlee, Charles IV and Ayden) who has devoted her life to spreading awareness throughout the Englewood Community and surrounding areas. Since 2011, Tramaine has volunteered with CeaseFire, New Beginnings Church, First Defense Legal Aid, UMedics, and Chicago Public Schools. Within these various organizations she has mentored youth, canvassed neighborhoods, and held various workshops. Tramaine is dedicated to her family, friends and community. She takes pride in being a part of the movement for police accountability and human rights.

Contact: Tramaine (at) first-defense .org

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