what difference do our sponsors make?

an appeal from our board & why the MOCK reception is no joke when it comes to FDLA’s financial capacity

This year’s Annual First Defender Award Mock Reception must raise $52,000 in revenue. Only then can FDLA meet its budget for 2020 and pour into a rainy-day reserve for financial sustainability into the future.

Thanks to stakeholder investment around our annual event, we boldly mobilize lawyers and people harmed by the criminal system to create, protect and expand alternatives to unnecessary incarceration and fill gaps in the legal aid and public defense infrastructures for communities harmed by the criminal system.

Please help us meet our budget despite the obvious constraints on our annual “event.” This Silver Anniversary, we aimed to prioritize the significant financial sustainability measure of placing $52,000 into a cash reserve. This is about 2020 and beyond for FDLA.

With this candid look into the significance of FDLA’s May 2020 fundraising goals, and the below menu with examples of each sponsorship level’s potential impact, we hope to inspire your most generous donation.

Thank you for doing all you can. www.first-defense.org/donate


Eliza Solowiej, Executive Director

Fernando Moreno, Board Chair

Mariana Karampelas, Board Treasurer

Debra Lefler, Board Secretary

Emmanuel Andre, Board Member

Faith Pledger, Board Member

Michelle Miller, Board Member

Sharone Mitchell, Board Member

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